Sunday, August 7, 2011

Winter Park, Colorado

Greetings again family and friends! This weekend I went on an adventure with one of my co-workers. She wants to have her wedding ceremony near Winter Park, CO and wanted to check out some locations this past weekend. She asked me to go along...and I was very willing!

I knew I wanted to go back to see this area as it's been awhile since 5th grade when I saw it last :) It was just as I left it! Minus the bad beetle rot that has gotten ahold of several trees around the area-it's such a shame!

 We ate Mexican for lunch...I love fish tacos! I get them at practically every Mexican restaurant. These were delicious!
 Here we are at one of the locations...I really liked this one! It was nice and secluded.
 Along with it being the weekend for the music festival (Brett Michaels was playing), it was also "Minis in the Mountains!" Here is a fleet of Mini Coopers we saw...there were fifty in a row! That was pretty cool...I already knew I wanted one :)
This is a blurry picture of Berthoud Pass...there were better ones but this one will have to do for now. It was a fun trip!

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