Thursday, August 11, 2011

Denver Food Trucks

It was a hot day in Denver, but my co-workers and I decided to brave the heat and explore the Denver Food Trucks for lunch today. Civic Center Park in downtown Denver is where they are located.

Every Tuesday and Thursday during the summer through September food trucks (and vans!) set up for an on-going event called Civic Center Eats. There were many people in business attire that stopped during their lunch break.

We went around and looked at ALL of the food before we made our decision on what to eat. There was BBQ, hot dogs, tamales, Argentinian fare, Mexican chile bowls, slow-cooker meals, biscuit bowls, pizza and ice cream.

With it being so hot...I settled on a roasted turkey sandwich with romaine, chipolte mayo and cranberry salsa. I found it at the Street Eats venue (pictured above). The sandwich did not disappoint as it was FULL of flavor!

 My supervisor got chimichurri fries from the truck above...she also got avocado and cheese arepas. Someone got a beef arepa. I think I'm spelling this dish is basically a corn-based, dense pocket of dough that is toasted up like a panini and filled with various fillings. They looked good!
 Finally, our last person ate at the "Crock Spot." She got a bowl of couscous with slow-cooked shredded beef mixture that was prepared in a crock pot.
Above is the truck where they got the arepas :)

This was so much fun to experience! It will have to take the place of the Iowa State Fair for me this year!

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